The best live poker room games

Choosing poker rooms to play at is not a simple choice. If you looking for the most live like poker room, then PKR is the place to play. The poker room has avatars which give a life like character with options of changing the appearance of the avatar.

This truly a unique feature in poker rooms. Besides the fact they have a great software, with many game options, they also have live poker tournaments and live poker room games such as Texas Holdem, Omaha, plus many more. Join PKR today one of the best online poker rooms, you will not be disappointed.

US Poker Rooms

In the past few months most of the poker rooms have closed to US customers. Senator Barney Frank is trying to get the bill that made it illegal for banks to transfer funds to online gambling sites, looked at again.

As this bill was passed at the last minute of the congress session in a very sneaky manor. In the meantime players have found it quite difficult to find online poker rooms still accepting players from the US. You can play at most poker rooms for fun money.