Casino Poker

Rules and Manners that Govern Online Casino Poker, Part I

Before playing one of the most exciting online casino card game, lets have a quick look first on the game’s procedures and how to’s. Let’s learn together.

The only aim of the game is to have the strongest five-card hand out of the cards given to you in order to win. Your bet will depend strongly on the strength of your card.

Small Blind
At certain online casinos, poker players are required to make a bet first before they were able to see their cards, these are called blinds. A small blind is referring to the bet staked by the player on the left side of the dealer in an online casino. The dealer is actually represented by a button. The button then moves one player at a time to the left after each player finished betting.

Big Blind
A bet made by the player next to the dealers left. Cards are always dealt to the players going left.

A bet that replaces blinds on online casino poker games. Not all online casino poker uses blinds. It is generally a tenth of the small bet or the table limit.

A rule that allows the player to bet more than what he has left on the table by contributing it to the bet of the player before him, giving him the opportunity to remain in the game and still has the opportunity to participate in the pot if has a winning hand. The amount won of this player must be equivalent only to the amount he has set all-in.

This is only the first part of the online casino poker rules. More still is coming so watch out for it for a more challenging and exciting gaming experience!

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